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History :
This place is of religious interest in the interiors of Dakshina Kannada. An outstanding example of religious and cultural tolerance where charity is a way of life, extended to all without discrimination. Lord Manjunatha temple is a famous pilgrim center. Sri Dharmasthala which is one of the sacred places in South India is well known to all pious people. It is situated in the village of Dharmasthala, in Beltangady Taluk of South Canara district.

The History of this place says that, One day the guardian angels of Dharma assumed human forms & riding on horse & elephant, with their retinue in regal pomp & divine glory came to Nelyadibeedu. Ammudevi Ballathi & her husband received the visitors with joy & respect. The angels were so pleased with the welcome & charities that they said "Pergade (Pergade-Heggade) we are attracted by your pious conduct & charities. Offer this Nelyadi Beedu to us & build another house for yourself nearby & worship us in this Beedu & we will see that your wealth & charity be unbounded."
Thus they blessed & vanished. It was then that Pergade & his wife were aware that their guests were not mortal beings but divine visitors who had chosen to test them. From that day they begun propitiating them by putting up a swing cot & burning lamps & incense in their Nelyadi Beedu. They built a separate residence for themselves nearby.
Entrance of
Dharmasthala Temple
Main Entrance of
Dharmasthala Temple
Thereafter the divinities appeared to the couple in their dreams & commanded thus "We are powerful Daivas we are Kalarahu, Kalarkai, Kumarswamy & Kanyakumari, you must built separate Shrines for us at places pointed out by us. You must hold festivals at appointed times, you must choose for us two mediums of Nobel birth so that we may speak our will to them. Our commands will be carried out vassal Annappa. You must appoint four worthy persons, to help you & see that rituals are strictly observed. We shall reward you & your posterity with health, wealth & longevity so long as you worship us with faith & devotion. We shall spread our glory far & wide & get you abundance of offerings. Therefore see that Dana-Dharma is extended to all equally at all times. We shall back your wishes with support, your word with fulfillment & crown all your efforts with success. Should you act against this behest you shall suffer. Don't be afraid we will protect, be peaceful." So, directed by those spiritually beings who appeared in the effulgent glory Birmanna Pergade & Ammu Devi Ballalthi were overjoyed. They lost no time to build shrines, install idols of Dharma Daivas & hold Utsava, Parva & Nadavali as commanded.

Pergade invited Brahmins for festive offerings, but they refused to come unless Gods were worshipped along with Daivas, Whilst Pergade was grieving over this problem the Dharmadevathas sent their vassal Annappa to bring from Kadri the Lingam of Sri Manjunatha & installed it at the spot in the temple where it now stands. Manjula means pleasing or beautiful, Natha means Lord. Pergade built a temple there on the right side of the shrine of Dharma Daivas where the Lingam was installed by Annappa, established the performance of the daily poojas & the rituals & the festivals in a befitting manner. The shrine of Annappa faces the Lingam of Sri Manjunatha. Thus in Kuduma, Sri Chandranatha, Sri Manjunatha & four Daivas & Annappa Daiva came to be worshipped simultaneously at different shrines with common festivals. In Nelyadi Beedu, Heggade alone worships his ancestors & the four Daivas.

The temple has Vaishnavite Archakas and is administered by Heggade, a Jain Trustee. Charity is a way of life here & is extended to all with no distinction of caste or creed. Thousands throng the temple and every visitor is fed free of charge. During Laksha Deepothsava, one lakh lamps are lit and literacy and religious discourses are held. In the recent past , 39 ft monolith of Bahubali was installed at Dharmasthala by the Heggade
Lord Bahubali's Statue, 
Dharmasthala Temple
Elephants of 
Dharmasthala Temple

Connecting Dharmasthala

Air : The nearest airport is Mangalore(75 km).

: Dharmasthala is the nearest railhead & is linked to other parts of the State.

: Some distances are

  • Mangalore -75 km
  • Kukke Subramanya -70 km
  • Udupi - 100 Kms
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